What has actually been going on in the FabLab@FHDO and around it over the last few months? We've experienced a lot as a team in the last few months, visited other FabLabs and kept showing up at events with a mobile makerspace.

The photos show impressions. They are sorted loosely and are intended to give an impression of what everyday life in the FabLab looks like, perhaps be the breeding ground for new ideas and allow you to indulge in memories. Have fun browsing.

Please ask, before you want to use media from us.

Open evenings

The open evenings are a lot of fun for us. Creative projects are implemented with the laser cutter, the 3D printer, the 3D pens and the embroidery machine.
In addition, employees of KITZdo (the Dortmund Children and Youth Technology Center), the decentralized and the CET (Center for Entrepreneurship & Transfer) of the TU Dortmund were guests at the first open evening.

Cooperation with the women's project laboratory

On June 14, 2022, together with the women's project laboratory, a large group of schoolgirls from the grammar school in Datteln were introduced to the technology and the Mint courses. For this purpose, the "station learning" method was used, so that in addition to robot programming and CAD construction, direct machine application on the laser cutter, the 3D pens and the embroidery machine could also be learned.

Open-door day

At the open day on June 10, 2022, we were able to present the FabLab@FHDO to many interested parties and carry out projects with the 3D printer, laser cutter and 3D pens during the workshops. The direct contact between future and current students offered a lively exchange about courses, practical areas of application and also living in Dortmund.


On May 27th, 2022 we presented the FabLab@FHDO at the Cityfest DortBunt and flocked bags and T-shirts together with visitors and carried out 3D prints.

Finally open!

After the opening ceremony on March 30, 2022, the FabLab has been open to all students and employees of the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences since April 1.