You can find the times when the safety briefing is offered in our calendar. The safety briefing introduces the rules and forms the basis for working in the FabLab.

Frequently asked questions about instruction

What is a safety briefing and what do I need it for?

A safety briefing makes it possible for you to work independently on the machines you were instructed on.

Who are safety briefings for?

In principle, anyone over the age of 14 who is interested can take part in a safety briefing. For participants under 18, as in general for the use of the FabLab, the consent of a legal guardian and a guarantee of the duty of supervision is required.

How much does the safety briefing cost?

The safety briefing is free for all participants.

How long does a safety briefing last?

There is a general laboratory briefing (approx. 5 minutes) and then there is a safety briefing for the device that is required.

And when can I get started on the machines?

In order to be able to work on the machines, please visit us on the open evenings.

Do I have to register myself?

No. Registration is not required. Just come to the FabLab on time for your appointment. Employees will then be in the FabLab and will then determine the program for the respective instruction together with the interested parties present. You can find out when the safety briefing takes place in the Opening hours.