Laboratory regulations of the FabLabs@FHDO, as of 2022

The present regulations refer to the FabLab@FHDO, dt. "Fabrikationslabor", in the following "lab" of the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences. The lab is an open, novel workshop for the purpose of research and teaching on distributed, digital fabrication infrastructures.

Safety regulations:

1. Everyone is required to find out about the location of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, emergency stop switches and other safety devices. Also find out about the course of the escape routes and the first aiders present.

2. The responsible employee in the laboratory has the authority to issue instructions. All safety-related instructions or measures must be followed or supported. Unsafe instructions must not be followed.

3. Working in the laboratory rooms is only permitted after instruction about the risks and rules of conduct in the relevant areas. The instruction is given by the responsible employees at the respective station.

4. Before beginning any activities within the laboratory rooms, written confirmation must be given that appropriate instruction has taken place.

5. Accidents and malfunctions must be reported immediately to the responsible laboratory employee.

6. Before entering, inform the responsible laboratory employee if you are physically or mentally unable to carry out activities within the laboratories.

General rules for working in the FabLab@FHDO:

1. Work at the stations may only be carried out when accompanied by a responsible employee.

2. Personal protective equipment must be used in accordance with the activity to be carried out in accordance with the instructions given by the station staff.

3. Please wash your hands thoroughly before eating (only allowed in the front area).

4. The rooms and their furnishings must always be kept in order; in particular, after the end of the work, the respective workplace must be tidied up and hands thoroughly cleaned. Escape and rescue routes must be kept clear at all times.

5. Existing warning and information signs must generally be observed.

6. The user is fully liable for damages caused by gross negligence or intentional damage as well as misuse and manipulation. The university is not liable for personal or material damage that can be proven to have been caused by grossly negligent or intentional behavior. Claims for compensation against the university or the institute are excluded.

7. Installing or uninstalling software on the laboratory and workstation computers is prohibited unless the supervisor expressly orders this.

Rules for working on electrical and electronic systems:

1. Before switching on an electrical arrangement, each person must familiarize themselves with the structure, mode of operation and operation of the devices used and ensure that the device/system is in perfect condition. It is his special duty to obtain detailed information about the possibility of quickly switching off the entire arrangement. If in doubt, consult the responsible laboratory employee.

2. Manipulation and changing of settings on safety devices is not permitted.

3. In principle, no wet electrical devices may be used or wet electrical systems operated, even if only your hands or feet are wet.

4. In the event of a fault, switch off the voltage immediately/pull out the mains plug and inform the responsible person in the laboratory. An existing emergency stop switch must be actuated.

5. Repairs to electrical devices and systems may only be carried out by specially trained personnel.