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Farzad Foadian or FabLab@FHDO

Usage costs

The use of the fablabs is currently free of charge, but (material) donations and the like are very welcome. The most valuable currency for us is knowledge - please share your experiences with the community and also remember to send us information (e.g. photos) of your projects.

For example, you can give a presentation about your current project. Perhaps your project is not finished yet, but you would like feedback on how your project is received by others or are you looking for collaborators? Or have you just learned how to use a 3D printer or laser cutter and would like to teach others about it too? Maybe a small workshop is the right thing? It is a well-known fact that knowledge increases when it is shared. This helps everyone so that even cooler, wackier ideas can become reality.

How can I use the devices?

Do I have to pay anything?


There is a reason why people speak of FabLab, i.e. laboratory, because they experiment not only with (new) technologies, but above all with new uses and users. For safety reasons, activities in the FabLab also require certain rules, which can be found in the laboratory regulations.

More about FabLab security and rules.

Can I support you too?

Together we can make FabLab@FHDO an even better place! We are always grateful for any support, be it financial or material donations.

With your help we can improve our machines and tools and give even more people the opportunity to realize their creative ideas in the FabLab.

Every donation helps us to realize our vision of an open and interdisciplinary space for experimentation and creative work. We thank you in advance for your generous support!