There is a reason why people speak of FabLabs, i.e. laboratories, because they don’t just experiment with (new) technologies, but above all with new uses and users. So the most important basic rule is common sense - exercise caution, ask too much rather than too little and do your part to ensure safety, knowledge and order.

Laboratory order

Of course, this is not yet a sufficient legal framework, so the rules for use and access, as well as details for insurance and liability within the framework of the applicable legal situation , are dealt with in the laboratory regulations. The current status of the order reflects a longer process that developed cooperatively between the FabLab@FHDO, the occupational safety department and the input of several German FabLabs.

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Safety briefings

Without instruction, e.g. as a guest, you are not allowed to actively work in the FabLab. Guided tours, visits, participation in lectures, working with your own laptop or similar are excluded from this. The use of the existing equipment and machines is divided into different areas, each of which requires safety training.

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Behavior in case of accidents

One of our goals is to enable a safe working environment and to prevent accidents at work. Despite everything, these cannot be ruled out. Furthermore, internal emergencies (e.g. circulatory problems, nausea, heart attack, fainting) can occur at any time.

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