Events & Open Evenings

Dr.-Ing. Farzad Foadian is the Leadership of the FabLab@FHDO. Such inventor rooms with the latest technology can now be found all over the world. What happens in the inventor's room with the latest technology?

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Registration for the open evenings

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Device Reservation

Book the timeslot for the device of your choice here. Several hours in a row are possible. For example, if you want to print with a filament other than PLA, please write it down as a note in the booking.

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What has actually been going on in the FabLab and around the last few months? Many exciting projects have been implemented in the FabLab@FHDO In our photo galleries of the last few months you will find impressions of everything that has happened.

The gallery shows impressions. They are sorted loosely and are intended to give an impression of what everyday life in the FabLab looks like, perhaps be the breeding ground for new ideas and allow you to indulge in memories.

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We research and are researched, offer final theses for students of the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts and in the environment of the FabLab very great projects are implemented again and again.

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